Wamidh Learning Platform

About the platform:

The e-Learning Platforms and the e-learning became one of the most important modern learning means, which all educational bodies and institutions try to make use of. To cope with this technological development and progress, and in our endeavor to provide all what is modern and developed, we developed a competitive e-learning platform, exceeds its competitors in the technology market, its goal is to help you provide free training courses or with charges through your website, besides the ability to communicate with your students and collect their opinions about the training content, and the ability to deliver them the courses completion certificates in a fully automated way with no human interference. Additionally, you will be able to provide free membership, for free or with charges, membership with different permissions and authority. It provides students the ability to communicate with lecturers or website administrators the in more than one way.

Key features of the platform:

  • Electronic search.
  • Supports more than one language (Arabic and English by default)
  • Interface and design support all screen types and sizes (computer, mobile, tablet, and TV).
  • Interface and design support all browser types (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari).
  • Displays partners and sponsors’ data.
  • Possibility of creating events.
  • Ability to be connected to phone applications via API Rest.
  • Ability to secure the website via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

About Courses:

The platform allows delivering courses electronically, whether written, audible or visually with the possibility of making a combination of all and any.  

Lectures can be provided for free or with charges. whether by gold memberships that enable member to view more than one course, the platform enables you to make some promotions such as discounts on membership fees or on some courses.

Following are some information about courses:

  • lectures in written, audio and visual format.
  • Courses are categorized into various categories.
  • Courses can be assessed.
  • Selling courses.
  • A cover contains information about course.
  • Possibility of delivering sequential lectures.
  • Possibility of delivering sequential courses.
  • Adding more than one trainer (lecturer) for each course.
  • Classifying lectures by voting and assessment.
  • Possibility of creating diplomas consist of more than one course.
  • Ability to import and export lectures.


The platform enables you to make and prepare some exams in order to ensure that the students gained all the elaborated information in the course, and to verify that the students did attend the course and understood it fully.

Exams in platform are in various forms; which means you can import questions from Questions Bank randomly so every exam will be unique. Also you will be able to retest each student separately.

Following are some information about exams:

  • Question Bank.
  • Possibility of setting exams with more than one type of questions.
  • Possibility of setting more than one exam so that each student or user can get a different exam for the same course.
  • Possibility of resetting exam for one user or student.

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