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Inspire Multimedia Service has been offering a full range of high quality products designed for our clients. Our service covers design through a wide range of media and suits requirement and budget of any client. Customers often have an unclear idea of where to start a project. Through our professional experience, we are equipped to establish requirements and guide customers through each stage of the work – from concepts to final delivery in whatever format required. We can also can liaise with sub-contractors, internal or external, to source quotes and ensure the timely delivery of the final product. We are committed to your needs and can offer practical and useful solutions or advice.


Inspire provides high-quality level of engineering software and programming services. You can design your own learning management system and set your requirements on the system. We will implement all your requirements with the highest quality, lowest price and fastest time.

Learning Solutions

Learning solutions are educational delivery methods that provide people with the knowledge and skills they need to enhance performance and achieve organizational goals. Contemporary work environments, with their increased complexity and pace of change, require people to be lifelong learners.
INSPIRE specializes in designing and developing E-Content learning solutions based on client’s requirements, researching in what is the state of the art in the field of education and how to reach the maximum learning values using the most interesting methodologies available.


Inspire provides high quality professional translation between Arabic and English to clients of a wide range of industries. We specialize in these languages only to ensure that we are able to provide prompt, efficient, and accurate translation, thanks to our well-qualified, experienced translators, reviewers and editors. We use translation technology, known also as Computer Assisted Translation (CAT), that can easily integrate translation into your document management workflows. The use of translation software helps us deliver your translation job faster and at a lower price.


We provide interpreting services to organizations and businesses that need to communicate with their non-native speaking clients. We rely on highly skilled interpreters to provide a range of phone interpreting services and on-site interpreting. We can satisfy our clients’ demand for highly-skilled telephone interpreters for scheduled appointments or interviews. We can also source on-site interpreting services for your conferences or simply to attend a face-to-face appointment at a particular location.

Website and Software Localization

Inspire leverages a solid team of localization and multimedia experts to produce the highest quality localized products on schedule. We will adapt your website or software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target audience and market. We ensure the content of your website is translated in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way; we localize your layout and site navigation; we carefully analyze your pictures and symbols and positively adapt them in a cultural context.

Subtitling and Dubbing

Inspire provides excellent linguistic and technical resources necessary for clients to expand outreach by providing subtitles and dubbing for their media productions. We offer these services to educational institutions and other business and media corporates to make their video contents become effective while viewed by their target audience.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Inspire offers an integrated translation and typesetting solution for clients interested in producing high quality publications or graphics for web or print distribution. We will ensure that source files are properly internationalized. We advise and assist you in designing workflows that adhere to global best practices for producing multilingual content and creating appropriately localized language document translation that closely matches the format specifications of your original document.

Multicultural Marketing

Inspire offers a multicultural marketing solution which leverages our linguistic resources and deploys the latest technology to produce tangible results for our clients. We accommodate your client’s marketing and business needs culturally to enable your potential customers to fully understand what your intended marketing message is.

Curriculum Development and Technology Integration

Inspire offers tailored curriculum and materials development services to address our clients’ distinct objectives. We provide a comprehensive framework to bring technology and curriculum together, through focused pedagogical solutions.

Language and Cultural Training

In response to the specific needs of our clients, Inspire designs and delivers targeted language, cultural and area studies training aligned to operational and organizational requirements. Through the intelligent use of technology, combined with new approaches to training, we create a more personalized style of learning. One of the major advantages of our training courses is that they are practice-based and tailor-made, and they meet our customers’ needs in terms of duration, time, and type of training.

Needs Assessment and Consulting

Inspire language and cultural specialists provide needs assessment, testing and consulting services to advance your organization’s cross-cultural communication and training objectives. Inspire will conduct a needs assessment with the help of your staff to identify and measure areas for improvement in your target audience, and determine the methods to achieve improvement. At the conclusion of the needs assessment, you
will receive a detailed report that will outline concrete steps to take in moving to structured content.

Brand Name Assessment

Whether it is a company brand, product name, campaign theme or slogan, we can provide help to evaluate if the name will not resonate with your target audience; reveal any negative meanings, connotations or possible misinterpretations. We offer the language and branding expertise to assess any name or tagline quickly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary challenges later on.