Online Examination System (OES)

In the current frame of world’s electronic education development, we found that sometimes there is a need for an electronic examination system. Accordingly, we developed and prepared a competing online examination system for the market, which will help you to provide online examination solution for your students and users, either free or with fees, without any human intervention in a secure environment. Also it provides connection with your students, and prepares small educational courses, in another word the system has a small (LMS) platform.

Main Features:

Support Unlimited Types of Questions.
Question Bank.
Free and Paid Exams.
Exam Series.
Exam Sections.
Mini LMS.
Adaptive Exams.
Negative Mark Exams.
Messaging System.
Feedback System.
Support Multilanguage.
SSL Support.
Support All Web Browsers.
Support All Screen Sizes.
Mobile App.
Social Login Support.