We are ready for challenges

Our Vision

Fostering a culture of excellence in order to become the foremost consultancy, training and learning provider at the national and regional level, and a world class company in its area of focus that inspires high quality training and education services to meet the challenges of education, work, and life.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative assurance, and further our clients’ goals by providing them with holistic high quality multilingual and educational solutions, and helping them conceive, design and implement solutions for their knowledge & learning content strategy.

Our Values

INSPIRE maintains five core values that permeate our culture, business activities, products and communications: Passion for What We Do, Client Focus, Creativity and Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism and Business and Technology Leadership.

About Us

INSPIRE for Training & Education” is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), established in 2013, is affiliated with INSPIRE for Training and Education. INSPIRE provides high quality research, training, consultancy and educational services to all sectors, through its translation and E-Content departments. At INSPIRE, we apply our solutions robustly in accordance with our client’s demands and in real time, providing a one-stop-shop for multilingual & educational solutions to cater for all our clients’ needs. Inspire aims to provide, within the middle east, innovative solutions to solve critical problems relating to Quality of Education and Access to Education for all, as well as IT e-Training programs comparable to the best in the world, to meet the requirements of the increasingly sophisticated developmental activities taking place in Egypt, and expected to grow in the future to cover the middle east.


To have stronger penetration to the market, we will translate the e-training and e-learning programs provided by our partners into Arabic. We also plan to establish knowledge center for Arabic e-contents development to cover the schools national curriculums in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Inspire will provide the following products and services specifically for the training and education industry:

• E-learning content
• IT, Multimedia and Video e-training services
• Learning Management Systems
• Multimedia content development services
• School administration tools

Our Partner

MKCL Arabia Egypt is our main partner.

Our Clients

You can know more about us by visiting our clients page.